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Entry #1

Hey Im JCthrilla!

2008-03-29 19:32:10 by Jcthrilla

Hi, Im new to newgrounds...

My cousin is Rkthrilla

Dont worry, i wont eat your soul.






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2008-03-29 20:56:24

welcome to newgrounds, if you need help with anything contact me

Jcthrilla responds:

thanks i might need some help along the NG road


2008-03-30 17:25:32

Use some proper grammar if you don't want to be flamed up the arse.

And I'm afraid if you don't know what flaming is I will have to facepalm.

Oh yeah, and people are going to make fun of you for being an 08 user.

Just a heads up.

Jcthrilla responds:

no worrys my cousin is an 05 user, and he told me that already!!!!... and i mean worrying about grammar! What are u an english teacher!!! come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-03-31 13:58:02

Erm, actually, I would hate to be a teacher.

Jcthrilla responds:

lol me too! (who would?)